Yes! There are two great reasons to hire a local Florence Social Security Disability attorney like the Calcutt Law Firm. First, local disability attorneys know area Judges and staff. National firms have several “hubs” across the country. The attorney assigned to the case will travel from the hub to the local hearing office on the day of the hearing. The attorney from the national firm will not know the area Judges’ preferences, nor will the national firm have built relationships with area staff handling the claims. The local attorney, on the other hand, will know both area Judges and staff well. Second, you can make an appointment to meet your local attorney and visit his or her office well in advance of the hearing. It is unlikely that an attorney from a national firm will be located in your area. As such, it may be difficult for you to meet your attorney prior to the hearing without a plane ticket. Third, laws are not the same from state to state. A local South Carolina law firm is going to know the laws of this state better than a national firm that tries to understand every state’s laws.

At the Calcutt Law Firm, we have been protecting the rights of seriously injured people, the disabled, and their families since 1992. During this time, we have built relationships within the community with the people and South Carolina judicial system. As a local law firm, we take the time to get to know each client and understand their case to know how to represent them in the best way. For best results, turn to an attorney who has been successful in winning social security disability claims in South Carolina for decades.

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