Should I Hire A Local South Carolina Attorney Over A National Firm?

Yes! There are two great reasons to hire a local Florence Social Security Disability attorney like the Calcutt Law Firm. First, local disability attorneys know area Judges and staff. National firms have several “hubs” across the country. The attorney assigned to the case will travel from the hub to the local hearing office on the […]

10 Common Questions Asked During A Social Security Disability Hearing

Every Administrative Law Judge in a social security disability hearing will have a different way of conducting his or her hearing. The questions listed below offer a glimpse into a typical disability hearing. They are not exhaustive and will likely lead to more questions depending on the individual’s circumstances and answers. Over the last 15 […]

How Do I Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

How do I get social security disability benefits? This is the most frequently asked question by people inquiring about Social Security Disability benefits in South Carolina. I usually start by asking the person to tell me about their diagnosed conditions and the difficulty it has caused in their daily lives or their current job. During […]